David Mikelson

David is responsible for coordinating with the sales team on behalf of the client services and business development teams, while assisting in customer service and case coordination. He ensures accurate reporting and data entry in case coordination with the sales and marketing analyst to provide efficient and suitable planning for our clients. When he’s not …

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Clayton Kovatch

Clay is responsible for facilitating the client’s journey through Paradigm Financial Group, Inc., while being a conduit for communication. He ensures all needs are met and all questions are answered. A relatively recent college graduate, Clay provides perspective from a student’s point of view to help us ensure that our services benefit the whole family, …

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Moon Ciofalo

Moon is our customer service specialist. She assists clients with questions and concerns, and supports management on special projects. Moon is a passionate animal advocate, fostering and volunteering for a local rescue that saves old or special-needs dogs from the shelter experience. In addition she has four daughters and loves to spend time with her …

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Jane Cuevas

Jane has a broad skill set and contributes on many levels at Paradigm Financial Group. She is responsible for recording, compiling, and presenting client data for our education consultants and financial planners. She also is in charge of policy service requests, policy application, and running illustrations. During tax season, Jane manages, processes and prepares tax …

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Sherry Grimm

Sherry assists the development and facilitates implementation of the company’s brand strategy. She creates marketing activity reports and metrics for measuring program success. She is responsible for planning and coordinating all of our college financial aid workshops throughout the year. Sherry is an organized multitasker able to handle many projects and keep the marketing team …

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Leigh Friedman

Leigh is responsible for shaping Paradigm Financial Group’s outward image through brand strategies, and for communicating the company’s vision and mission through our web presence, print, and digital marketing. She plans, develops, designs, and implements Paradigm’s marketing campaigns, website, and graphic assets. An award-winning designer, Leigh has been a creative force behind the identities of …

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Derek Chandler

Derek personally serves clients with proper and precise protection of their assets of today and the foreseeable future. Outside of work, Derek is the Head Coach of Jr. Flyers Hockey and a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).

Kathy Barry

Kathy’s role is to ensure that clients of Paradigm Financial Group receive exceptional client support and benefit from seamless processes that deliver services efficiently. A career in wealth management for individuals and non-profits, as well as many years managing admissions and financial aid in a private school setting gives Kathy a wealth of experience to …

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Michele Antonini

Michele is responsible for managing all new business opportunities with prospective clients and managing relationships with existing clients. She heads our business development team who ensures a smooth and efficient planning and implementation process of all strategies developed for our clients. Business development supports our sales and client services teams through case planning and product …

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