Joseph L. Kerins III, CCPS®

Senior Planner

Joe is a Certified College Planning Specialist, Financial Planner, and Senior Planner at Paradigm Financial Group.

Helping families pay for college without destroying their overall wealth and retirement is Joe’s focus. Many families don’t realize that it is not just a college problem, but a wealth and retirement problem. Joe works with these families to create unique plans with proper strategies to save and pay for college without sacrificing financial freedom and achieving all of their financial goals.

College and financial aid are complicated systems. His desire to truly assist families with the process and the ever-rising cost of college, Joe attained his Certified College Planning Specialist certification from the National Institute of Certified College Planners. Fewer than 500 planners have earned the CCPS® certification in the country.

Joe lives in Wayne, Pennsylvania with his wife, Mollie, and three children, Joey, Ellie and Eddie. Joe is a fourth-generation member of the South Philadelphia String Band, which participates annually in the Mummers Parade in Philadelphia.


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