Our D-SIDE Method®


To Provide the Best Outcome for What's Important to YOU

Our D-SIDE Method® provides customization, reliability and redundancy, that results in stability for our clients now, and in the future. 

Our objective is to understand your current financial and family situation, goals, anticipated milestones, and any problems to be solved. Once we understand where you are and where you want to go, we evaluate for any possible improvement options, blind spots, or exposure to risk. 

We develop custom-built, sound strategies to align with your goals, and present recommendations for a thorough and sound plan. 

Your Paradigm financial team—all key partners—will work together to move money, transfer deliverables, and take action to bring your plan to fruition. After that, regularly scheduled meetings (at least once per year) ensure your plan evolves to stay aligned with changes in your life and goals. 

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