John J. Lennon

Managing Partner, CFO

John grew up in the Delaware Valley, just outside of Philadelphia. He developed a passion for helping others, and for entrepreneurship at a young age. These passions led him to become an Eagle Scout, and to help others through community outreach, including serving more than 10 years with various fire companies near his hometown.

Shortly after graduating from the University of Dayton, John began his career in the financial field, specializing in accounting and criminal justice. He worked as an agent for the federal government in the Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. areas, and was assigned to special teams resolving congressional inquiries for the Office of the Inspector General. In 2001, John opened the College Planning Center to address the overwhelming need to educate parents about the college process and how to successfully get their children through college cost-effectively.  John has researched and developed extensive knowledge about the college financial aid system, and he serves clients by giving advice and strategies that help families prepare for, save for, and pay for college. For more than 13 years, John has been a well-known “Financial Aid Expert” speaking at universities and high schools throughout the region. He has been featured on radio programs, and has authored books including, “There is Absolutely No Reason to Pay Too Much for College.” John has also been seen on as well as other major online publications such as CNBC, The Boston Globe, MarketWatch, Los Angeles Daily News, and Yahoo!Finance.

He currently resides in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Shari. He enjoys traveling, exploring, and volunteering in his community.

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