David A. Kozak

Managing Partner, CEO

Dave Kozak is the founder of Elite Collegiate Planning and a founding and managing partner at Paradigm Financial Group, Inc.

Dave has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of families across the country to redefine what money means to them. His personal motto, “It’s what you think you know already that prevents you from learning,” drives his passion of educating families about how to send their children to college without jeopardizing their own financial goals, most specifically, retirement.

Dave believes that financial planning is not just about accumulating investments and hoping for the best. Instead, he recognizes that financial success requires a complete comprehensive understanding of each family’s individual needs and therefore, creates custom, flexible, and comprehensive solutions specific to each client.

After graduating from Franklin & Marshall College with a degree in Business and Economics, Dave spent the first few years of his professional career working in marketing and sales for startups and falling into the path of big corporate America. As one of Allstate Insurance Company’s Inner Circle Elite award recipients, in 2011, Dave had hit every metric of success, but he knew that selling home and auto insurance was not his passion. He longed for a more fulfilling career, and it was then that Dave realized he wanted to start a business that had impact and longevity. With a growing family of his own and the ever-nagging question of, “How are we going to pay for all of this?” Dave took an interest in a college funding-based business in the financial arena. With that knowledge, he then created Elite Collegiate Planning and now, Paradigm Financial Group, to help others who are asking the same question he once had.

Dave has worked in the financial planning industry for over a decade and has granted hundreds of families a second chance to take control of their financial situation and live a debt-free life. Giving students the opportunity to afford their dream school and parents the promise that they can pay for college without hurting their retirement is what Dave finds most rewarding about his job.

Outside of work, Dave’s family comes first. They are the reason he is so passionate about what he does. Just like his clients, Dave wants to provide a sound plan for his family’s college journey, and prepare for retirement too.

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