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College Application Types And Deadlines

Let’s review the four types of college application options and their requirements and deadlines.   The four types of college application options are early decision (ED), early action (EA), regular decision (RD), and rolling admissions (RA). All have different requirements and different, but critical, deadlines. If your application is stellar, but not submitted on time, […]

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What is the EFC?

College planning is fraught with little-understood concepts that parents and students need to understand in order to choose the best school for their family situation. One of the most important and least understood aspects of college planning is the Expected Family Contribution or EFC. The EFC is an index number of a family’s ability to

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The Basics of Investing

The word investing conjures in the popular imagination of non-investors the get-rich-quick schemes of Jordan Belfort or Bernie Madoff. However, the overwhelming majority of investments are made by honest, hardworking Americans who take advantage of America’s brilliant economic systems formulated by the first Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton. Someone interested in investing need only know the

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