Tax Made Simple

Helping You Navigate the Ever-Changing Tax Environment

Tax Planning is an Essential Part of Financial Planning

Our tax team can evaluate the tax effect of all your financial decisions. We can suggest potential tax deductions and credits. We can assist in tax filing. We can offer guidance on possible tax shelters. 

In short, we help ensure your financial decisions are tax-conscientious.


Paradigm Tax clients who file in 2021 will automatically receive Protection Plus—added safeguards with no added charges. 

Audit Defense
If you receive a letter from the government in regards to your 2019 tax return, Protection Plus will assist you. From basic CP letters to full blown audits, we’ve got you covered. Common cases deal with denied credits, schedule issues, and tax debt relief problems.

$2,500 Tax Preparation Guarantee
We pride ourselves on accurate preparation, but in the event a mistake is made during the preparation of a return, Protection Plus will cover up to $2,500 of additional taxes, penalties, and interest incurred from that mistake. In short, we guarantee our work.

Identity Theft Restoration
This service will assist with any kind of identity theft incident including tax-related identity fraud, stolen credit cards, and compromised bank accounts. In the event of an identity breach, Protection Plus will provide 6 months of daily credit monitoring, place fraud alerts on credit records, notify local authorities, and provide a personalized ID Recovery Kit to ensure that your identity is completely restored.

No action is necessary. If you file with us, you get Protection Plus. 

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