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Our mission is to create flexible, comprehensive, successful, and longstanding plans that enable individuals and families to accumulate wealth, afford financial milestones, prosper in retirement, and avoid unnecessary risk.


Welcome to Paradigm Financial Group, Inc.

It is with immense pleasure that we announce that after months of intensive planning, synergistic evaluation and business design, Elite Collegiate Planning, The College Planning Center and Lennon Tax Advisors are joining forces to create Paradigm Financial Group, Inc. (“PFG”)—a comprehensive financial planning firm dedicated to providing outstanding service, unparalleled expertise, and successful-longstanding financial strategies.

PFG will bring significant benefits to you as the client. Not only will we continue to masterfully steer individuals and families through the college admission process and the inherent financial burden of higher education, but we will also provide guidance to accumulating wealth, getting into and through retirement, preparing for wealth transfer and estate planning, with the same expertise, precision, and attention to which you have become accustomed.

PFG is comprised of 16 specialists with over 130 years of experience, seamlessly working to ensure YOU receive improved service and dependable results while achieving your personal financial goals. YOU are our #1 priority and PFG is dedicated to providing unparalleled client support.

Be on the lookout for future communications outlining PFG’s comprehensive services and personally introducing you to our family of passionate PFG staff members who will be guiding you through this financial maze.

In addition, you will receive a call to schedule a Paradigm Financial Wellness Audit™ with one of our Partners. The Paradigm Financial Wellness Audit™ is specifically designed to uncover short-term needs, and long-term desires and align them with executable financial strategies. Our Paradigm Financial Wellness Audit™ is highly regarded as groundbreaking, including proprietary strategies vastly pursued by planners throughout the US.

It is important that you watch our videos to help further explain the company and our services, and to answer some frequently asked questions. Please visit the following link to see our introduction and FAQ videos. Should you have any additional questions not answered by our FAQ videos, please feel free to contact us at or call 610-422-3530.


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