About Elite Collegiate Planning

Elite Collegiate Planning is a specialized division of Paradigm Financial Group.

In 2012, David A. Kozak and Matthew E. McCarter opened Elite Collegiate Planning to fill a huge gap left by the financial industry—preparing for the expensive endeavor of college. Through their careers in the financial industry, they were helping their clients invest and save, but they realized college was generally an afterthought and there weren’t many financial strategies available for the unique needs of a college-bound family. Additionally, they discovered that what might work well for tax purposes can be detrimental to financial aid. Dave and Matt wanted to combine strategies to help families afford college without wreaking havoc on their overall financial positions.

David A. Kozak
Matthew E. McCarter
John J. Lennon

In 2018 Dave and Matt joined forces with John J. Lennon, one of the pioneers of college planning. John is a renowned and well-respected college planning specialist who has served the area since 2002. Together they created Paradigm Financial Group—with Elite Collegiate Planning as their specialized college division—the largest and best-informed college planning firm in Pennsylvania.

Given the outrageous and rising cost of college, fewer and fewer people are able to pay for their children’s education without sacrificing their own financial future. Elite Collegiate Planning has made it their mission to help college bound students and their parents navigate the complex admissions, financial aid, and funding process of higher education. Their goal is to teach parents and students how to choose the right school, gain college acceptance, receive the most financial aid possible, and reduce out-of-pocket costs. 

A college education pays off. The US Census Bureau indicates that education has a greater impact on earning potential than any other demographic factor. Elite Collegiate Planning has developed tried-and-true strategies to help families afford, but not overpay, for the American dream of a college education.

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